(1) Management of Retinopathy of Prematurity – It is a telemedicine based project that is first of its kind in western region and second across India to prevent early childhood blindness in premature babies delivered 34 weeks of gestation and weighing less than 2000grams. With the help of Retcam such babies are screened at Neonatal intensive care units of Governments, Municipal corporation and private clinics and Retina images of the eyes are sent to Retina surgeon for analysis, diagnosis and treatment by Intravitreous injection of Avastin in positive cases. To the date 7006 babies were screened, 2011 eyes with stage i&ii remained under observation and now showing good vascularity while 294 eyes were injected Avastin with success rate of required vascularity and so prevented getting them blind.

(2) Corrective Surgery in Paediatric Orthopaedic – Congenital deformities like Club foot, Scoliosis etc. socially, cosmetically, economically and functionally restrict the children from getting mixed with normal children and this leads to psychological upset amongs their parents as well economical burden to family, to the state and the nation as such. Polio Foundation facilitates surgical intervention with best quality care under skilled & experienced Paediatric orthopaedic surgeons and well trained paramedical personnel with supportive measures from Radiology unit, Path lab unit and Physiotherapy unit.

(3) Centre of Diabetes and its complications –  India is predicted by recent study of WHO as fastest growing hub of Diabetes across the world and within, Gujarat is coming with heighest number of diabetics due to change in life style, lack of exercise, junk food and obesity in addition to genetic factor. Diabetes of long standing duration of 10 years or more cause eyes, kidneys, feet and heart damages leading to blindness, kidney failure, foot ulcer & gangrene and cadiac ailments. This restrict the regular activities, productions, and invite huge financial implications. Polio Foundation facilitates all the specialized investigations, 2D Echo, TMT, Foot tests etc under one roof and provides diet advise, Yoga & meditation instructions, counselling and consultant tips to live a healthy life without complications.

(4) Women Wellness Clinic – Breast and cervical cancers are increasing may be due to late marriages, single child attitude, lack of breast feeding etc and this leads to morbidity & mortality at early age. Polio Foundation started awareness program and screening of Women with Mammography and Pap smear and Colposcopy for early detection and treatment.